Home VR Party We come to your home


Respoint VR our proud to be one of the 1st companies to offer Virtual reality in your own home. It may be that you are just curious about it to see how good it is or you are looking to offer something different to a Party something everyone will talk about.

VR is not what it used to be you can fully Immerse in the game or active like titlbrush or google maps. We will  normally show you what we like best and then you can chose what you like most.

We can have as many VR Units as you like although you do need the space a min of 3m x 3m per unit you need to be able to move around the VR world a bit to fee like you a fully immersed in the game.

We can also bring as well a few PS4 and Xbox consoles with Screens to add more to the party.

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